Making The Pilgrimage To Makkah (Hajj)

Every Muslim is to make the pilgrimage to the Ka`bah, in Makkah, once in a lifetime if he or she has the ability and means to do so. Muslims from all over the world gather together for the purpose of worshipping and pleasing God alone. Millions of pilgrims visit the Ka`bah and perform hajj annually.

The rite of hajj originated from the Prophet Abrahamp and was restored by Muhammadp. The pilgrimage to Makkah compels the pilgrims to break down the racial, economic, and social barriers that may still plague their societies. It also invites each pilgrim to practice patience, self-restraint, and piety. The pilgrims wear simple garments that strip away the distinctions of class and culture. Each of these obligatory acts of worship keeps the remembrance of God alive and reminds all Muslims that from God we come and to God we will all return.