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Hold on Fundraising

Fundraising at Masjid al-Muslimiin-Columbia, South Carolina

Effective immediately August 2023.

Due to the number of refugees coming to the US from Muslim countries, a great number of Muslim refugees have come to our locality; some of them have no language skills, which makes it hard for them to communicate, navigate their new home, or find jobs. Therefore, we have decided to put a hold on any outside fundraising at our local masjid (Columbia, South Carolina).

As has been said, charity starts at home. If the situation changes, insha’ Allah, we will update this post.

May Allah Subhanuhu wa Tala ease the burden of Muslims everywhere!

Muslim Community Directory

Request for Information Form

The Islamic Center of Columbia is endeavoring to re-establish the Muslim Community Directory and would like to include you and your family. If you would like to be a part of this endeavor, please complete this form so that you may be included in the Directory. Insha Allah we hope to have the directory published soon. Thank you for your assistance.

About Us

The Islamic Center of Columbia, SC, known as Masjid al-Muslimiin, is located at 1929 Gervais street in downtown Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina.

It has been in operation since 1981 and presently serves the needs of approximately five hundred Muslims. Being in close proximity to the University of South Carolina, it also serves as a source of Islamic activity and guidance to the Muslim students, both indigenous Americans as well as students from abroad , while they pursue their undergraduate or graduate studies.

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