Editor's Note

We are told by scientists that space contains over 120 billion galaxies. We know that every one of us was created by God The Most Magnificent, from a single cell. When I think about this, I can’t help but be humbled and realize my extreme insignificance in the light of God’s amazing splendor. Satan swore to deceive humanity, to bring us misunderstanding, animosity, hatred, and war. To do my part in opposing Satan, my motives are to please my Lord by promoting peace through understanding.

Life is short and precious; it is tragic to waste it by piling up temporal material gain while ignoring the true purpose of creation: to worship God alone. Many people spend their precious lives accumulating temporal material wealth. Through Islam, God invites us to turn to that which is everlasting, eternal. On the Day of Judgment, we will be accountable for what we knew and how we had applied it. We will be asked about our worship. Now is the time for us to prepare for the answer.

This book is based on the lectures I have been giving on Islam for the past two decades. It would not have been possible without God’s mercy and the help and assistance of my brothers and sisters. I thank you, my readers, for your time and interest in understanding Islam, the faith of one-fifth of the world’s population. For additional information on Islam you can contact us by visiting www.islam-is.com. We also welcome your questions as well as your comments and feedback for consideration in this ongoing work. I invite you to share any or all of this material. I ask only that you do not quote this information out of context.

Please forgive me if in this work I have offended anyone. Because of my passion for Islam, I express my faith strongly. I greatly value individual choice and respect differences. Understanding and justice are the way to peace, and because Islam is often perceived in the West as a religion of narrow-minded zealots out to convert the world by force, I feel it is vital that I convey my faith in clear and unambiguous language to counter misconceptions.

May God bless us all with guidance. Any good that comes from this work is by God’s benevolence, and if I have said anything unhelpful, it is my shortcoming. God, The Exalted and The Loving, is perfect.

“Oh, The All Hearing, protect us from all evil and guide us to the truth.”

Peace be upon you,
Pete Seda