Assalamo alikom wa rahmato Allah wa barakatoh,

Announcement 1:

The BYSA summer program is approaching so please register your children soon. So far we have about 35 children registered. We ask that you pay the fees as soon as possible so we can go ahead with the planing. They will be a tent outside tomorrow for new registrations and payments.
Please click here to register your children.

Announcement 2:

We are still in need for your donations towards the general fundraising we are conducting. You can give a pledge and specify a project that you want to donate to here . Please fullfil you pledges tomorrow as we are getting close to securing the permits for building the shelters and we still need the funds.
school fundraisers

Announcement 3:

We have plenty of Gift cards for purchase this week. We are glad to annouce that we have a new card that can be used everywhere you shop in addition to more variety of gift cards. Please support this project. It does not cost you anything to do this, so we should all be involved, right now we only have 4 to 5 families participating and we have raised over $1000.00. We increased the available cards to see if it makes a difference. Bellow is a list of available cards:
$25,$50,$100 Shell Gas stations
$100,$250 Walmart
$100 Lowe's
$100 Home Depot
$25 Piggly Wigly
$25 AutoZone
$25 Advance Auto
$10 Pizza hut
$10 Dominos
$25 Nike
$25 Children's place
$100 Best Buy
$100 Target
$25,$100 TJ Maxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods
$25,$100 Macy's
$25,$100 Kohl'
$10 Chuck E. Cheese
$50 Exxon/Mobil
$25 Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy Options
$20 Little Caesars
$10 Panera Bread
$10 Starbucks
Midlands Vision ($70 after $9 discount good for one eye exam, masjid receives 20%)
Reserve yours here and it will be ready for quick pick up after Jummua or come by and select what you want after Jummua outside the Masjid.

Jazakom Allah khairan for your continuous contributions and participations .
Masjid Al Muslimiin