Winter Break Program (Registration Form Corrected)

Assalamo ALikom wa Rahmato Allah wa barakatoh,

It seems like there was a problem with the form in the previous email, here is a link to the registration for the winter program is here

You can also find the registration form at

Jazakom Allah khairan

Original Issue:

Assalamo alikom wa rahmato Allah wa barakatoh,

Starting this Monday December 19 we will start a winter break program for Adults and children. The program will be everyday after Isha and includes Quran and Hadith studies, Arabic and much more. Bring your entire family to Isha and join the different Halaqua's that will be available for Adults and children. The more attendance we get the more classes we can offer so take advantage and fill some of the free time our children will have this winter break with what will benefit them in this life and the hereafter.

The more that register the more this program can be successful so register today for free..

Jazakom Allah khairan,
Masjid Al Muslimiin