Iftar Survey reminder

Assalam Alaikoum Brothers & Sisters,

We just want to remind you that we are having home cooked Iftar at the masjid everyday. Please take some time to fill the survey bellow in order for us to know how much food to cook. You can always fill it the night before the day you intend to come if you don't know when you are coming. The form can be submitted more than once.
Also, please advise your brothers and sisters to participate, the survey is available @ www.almasjid.com. This survey will only work if we all do it, so don't ignore this because you think no-one is doing it, let us start from our selves. We don't want to waste food and we also don't want to have little food.

To fill out the survey, Click here

Jazkom Allah Khairan,
Ifar Commuty.