Donations for Refugee family

As Salamu alaikum,

As you may already be aware, we recently received a family of 8 refugees from Iraq here in Columbia SC. They will be living in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment and will move in on Friday, March 12, 2010.

Here are the items that we have collected so far for the family:
1 couch
1 dinning table with no chairs
1 small table
1 king mattress (no bed frame)
4 twin mattresses (no bed frame)
1 queen mattress (no bed frame)

That is ALL of the items we have collected, the family is in dire need of basic household utensils, primarly linen (covers, sheets, blankets, pillows/pillow cases) for their beds.

Salwa Adly and Mohammad Fatani are collecting items for the family. Please email Salwa at or call her at (803) 261-7209 to arrange for items to be picked up from your home on Saturday, March 13th, or any other day. If you would rather bring the items directly to the family, their new address is 1212 Metze Road, Apartment 28 B. Columbia, SC 29210. The final option would be to drop off the items at the Islamic Center of Columbia, 1929 Gervais St. 29201. All drop offs at the Islamic Center must first be discussed with the Coordinators (Muhammad or Salwa).

Your donations are tax-deductable, so please give generously.
If you would rather donate monetary amounts, that is welcomed as well.

Below is a list of most-needed items:
Please make sure all items donated are in GOOD CONDITION!

Personal hygiene items as appropriate
One toothbrush per person
Toilet Paper
Cleaning Supplies
Trash bags
Mop or broom
Two waste baskets
Laundry detergent
Sponges or cleaning rags and/or paper towels
Paper, pens and/or pencils
Bathroom/kitchen cleanser
Dish soap
Light bulbs
Alarm clock
One pillow and pillowcase for each person
One set of sheets and blankets for each bed
One towel per person
Kitchen Items
Can opener
One set of kitchen utensils (such as a spatula, wooden spoon, knife, serving utensils, etc.)
Pots and pans; at least one sauce pan, frying pan, and baking dish
Mixing/serving bowls

2. Kitchen Items
One place setting of tableware (fork, knife, spoon) per person
One place setting of dishes (plate, bowl and cup) per person

additional items can include but are not limited to: any item that is in good working condition that has house hold use.