Assalamo Alikom wa rahmato Allah wabarakatoh,

Announcement 1

We are please to announce that we have registered the land survey with the county and have met the requirement to pull a permit, however the city is now asking that we have the shelter/pavilion plans certified or drawn by a structural engineer. If you know or you are one please let us know if you can help, we are trying to build the shelters before Ramadan. The material has been ordered and we are still collecting money to pay for the shelters. Please support this project as we all benefit from it.

Announcement 2

The gift card program is still going on and it seems that the community is not responding as well as it needs to this opportunity. We have raised over $1000 from this project and that is only from the support of 4 or 5 families. Can you imagine how much we would raise if we all participate. You could be donating $50 a month and it will only cost you a change of habit, get the cards from the Masjid and use them instead. We even have cards you can pay your water and electricity bill and can be used virtually anywhere. Please come to the table Today and show your support to the Masjid. If we can do anything to make your participation easier, please send an email to and we will see what we can do.

Available Gift Card Dominations
(#of cards)/$Amount/Name of card
(6)$100, (1) $200 American Express Gift Card
(14)$25,(2) $50, (2)$100 Shell Gas stations
(10)$100,(3)$250 Walmart
(1)$100 Sears
(1)$100 Home Depot
(5)$25 Piggly Wigly
(4)$25 AutoZone
(1)$25 Advance Auto
(3)$10 Pizza hut
(2)$10 Dominos
(2)$25 Nike
(2)$25 Children's place
(1)$100 Best Buy
(10)$25,$100 TJ Maxx/Marshalls/HomeGoods
(1)$100 Macy's
(2)$25 Kohl's
(4)$10 Chuck E. Cheese
(2)$50 Exxon/Mobil
(2)$25 Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy Options
(2)$20 Little Caesars
(2)$10 Panera Bread
(2)$10 Starbucks
(1)$25 Red Lobster
(25)$70 Midlands Vision ($70 after $9 discount good for one eye exam, masjid receives 20%)

Jazakom Allah Khairan,