Praying Five Times A Day (Salah)

It is required for every Muslim to perform five obligatory prayers a day. A Muslim turns toward Makkah (Mecca) when performing these prayers, facing the first house built for the worship of The One God. This house is called the Ka`bah, an empty cube-like structure which is located in what is now Saudi Arabia. It was erected by Abrahamp and his son Ishmaelp for the worship of The One and Only True God.

One must remember that Islam does not have any sacred relics or symbols. We are not worshipping the Ka`bah; we simply worship God while facing the Ka`bah. Facing the Ka`bah to pray unifies the worshippers in their prayer to The One God. Anyone who worships the Ka`bah or any other created thing would be considered an idol worshipper. To put it plainly, the building materials that make up this house are no more sacred than any other building materials.

These prayers take place throughout the day and night, and are a constant reminder of a person’s duty and surrender to God. The prayers are a direct link between the worshipper and God. It is a chance to turn to God in worship, to give thanks, to ask for forgiveness, and to ask for His guidance and mercy.

A Muslim may voluntarily perform prayers more often. Prayers, in the general sense of supplication, can be offered practically at any time or place.